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Dr. Martin Borriss




Timeframe Project Type Information Technology
2015-2019 Global APIs and Enterprise Architecture Business Technical Product Owner and Program Management Restful APIs. Containerization. Spring Boot. Cassandra. API Gateways. Global-scale build and global deployment.
2010-2016 Logistics Operations, Compliance, and Customs Business Technical Program Management SAG Webmethods. Compliance screening. BPM. APIs. Continous Delivery.
2008-2010 Transportation Management Business Implementation and Integration of Standard Package. Oracle Transportation Management 5.x and 6.x.
2008- Scripting (Python, Shell, C) Business and Private Little helpers, prototypes, and puzzlers. Like the 8-queens or the crosstable generator for Oberkasseler FV E1 (2018), D2 (2019) and D1 (2020) youth soccer teams. Diverse stuff
1999-2004 Java, XSLT Business Enterprise Software, Product / Toolset for Model Driven Development Enterprise Java, XML and friends (XSLT). Integration with modelling tools
1995-2001 Gullydeckel Private Freeware Chess Program. High performance C. Tree search algorithms. Cross-platform support.
1997-1999 L4ATM Thesis Design and Implementation of real-time networking subsystem. C. L4-Microkernel. Linux. C, Assembler, Linux kernel programming
1998 pthreads on L4 Thesis Port of Pthreads to L4 as part of thesis work. C. ASM. L4-Microkernel Pthreads, L4 microkernel, C, assembler
pre 1998 Really old projects Research BNETD Queuing simulation and analysis tool Unix systems programming, Linux kernel programming, C++, DOS


Year Author Title Event Download
1999 Martin Borriss Operating System Support for Predictable High-Speed Communication TU Dresden, PhD thesis Shaker Verlag, ISBN 3-8265-6827-3
1999 Hermann Härtig, Lars Reuther, Jean Wolter, Martin Borriss, Torsten Paul Cooperating Resource Managers The 5th IEEE Real-Time Technology and Applications Symposium PDF
1998 M. Borriss and H. Härtig Design and Implementation of a Real-Time ATM-Based Protocol Server The 19th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS), Madrid, Spain, December 2-4, 1998 PDF
1998 Hermann Härtig, Robert Baumgartl, Martin Borriss, Claude-Joachim Hamann, Michael Hohmuth, Frank Mehnert, Lars Reuther, Sebastian Schönberg, Jean Wolter DROPS: OS support for distributed multimedia applications. ACM SIGOPS European Workshop 1998 ACM SIGOPS European Workshop Sintra, Portugal PDF
1998 M.Borriss, U. Dannowski, and H. Härtig TCP Performance over ATM on Linux and Windows NT The 1st IEEE conference on ATM (ICATM98), Colmar, France, June 2 2-24, 1998 PDF
1997 M.Borriss, M. Hohmuth, J. Wolter and H. Härtig Portierung von Linux auf den Mikrokern L4 (in German) 37. Internationales Wissenschaftliches Kolloquium, Ilmenau, Germany, July 1997 PDF
1995 M.Borriss BNETD (Queuing Simulator) Technical Report, TU Dresden PDF