Gullydeckel Chess Program

The Gullydeckel chess engine has been written between 1995 and 2001 by Martin Borriss and is available free of charge on the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL).
You can use Gullydeckel with Linux and Windows. Most people integrate Gullydeckel with a graphical chess board such as WinBoard (Gullydeckel supports the XBoard/WinBoard API). You can also use Gullydeckel as an analysis engine for the commercial Chessbase database or batch-process chess positions from FEN files.

Look at Gullydeckel's Games See Martin's Games


There won't be any active development anymore.
You can find some brief general information (README), build information, Author information and licensing (also the file named GPL included in the distribution ).

If you have Gullydeckel itself available, you can get some brief information by typing "gully2 -h". You may also use the built-in 'help' command in interactive mode.

A collection of BUGS and a TODO list. You may want to build your own book

Finally, if you encounter problems, you may look at the logfile (gully.log) created by Gullydeckel.


The Winboard Engine (most popular).
Clone the github repository: git clone Program sources (ANSI C) and documentation are here as [gzipped tarball] or [zip]. It should be ready to make and go for both Linux and Win32.

  • Alternatively, there is a current Linux binary (about 115 KByte size) and again the Windows binary (about 200 kB).
  • An opening book (about 330 Kbyte compressed) in [zip] or [uncompressed], compiled with Gully itself. A small [Textfile] describing this book.
  • For the Win32 platform you may now use Gullydeckel as chessbase analysis engine. This textfile tells you how. Here is the complete package [ZIP] (about 190 kB).


Gullydeckel has been a fun project evolving from an engine playing legal chess to a serious opponent.

Credits to:

  • Bruce Moreland teaching me computer chess basics and more; also co-inventing the name Gullydeckel.
  • Bob Hyatt for tirelessly educating computer chess enthusiasts.
  • The crowd at the group.
  • Dann Corbit for contributing to the Windows version and promoting Gullydeckel's move generator.
  • Jim Ablett, Olivier Deville, Andrew Fan for testing and contributing patches.
  • People playing Gullydeckel at the german FICS server.
  • Leo Dijksmans Winboard tourney where Gully has been participating for many years.